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Child-Watch Phuket

Holland House - 9 May 2013 4651

I have recently became involved with the Holland House Child-Watch Phuket Association in Phuket, Thailand.  The Child-Watch Phuket Association was established in December 1995, as a legal non-government organization and it is run by the local community.

Their Objectives are:

  • To help children in Phuket from being abused

  • To assist children in Phuket systematically and professionally

  • To create awareness on children rights

  • To provide less-fortunate children with welfare, health care and basic education

Their Target Groups are:

  • Children at risk

  • Abused Children

  • Child Labour

  • Children in the sex industry

  • Prisoner’s Children

  • Beggars

  • Street Children

The Child-Watch operates 7programs, which includes:

  • Child Care Center – Child-Watch Phuket: A center for less-fortunate children.

  • The Baan Lung Pitak: A center for prisoner’s children

  • Baan Boon Pitak Program: Knowledge and Recreation Center

  • Case Follow-up Program: They assist and give advice to parents and children when they have to go through the legal system

  • Mobile Teaching Program: The project provides out-of-school education

  • Scholarship Program: Funding for scholarships for needy children in Phuket

  • Milk-powder Program: Assisting children who need supplementary food.

On the May 9th, 2013, I visited the Child-Watch Center in Phuket Town.  There are about 30 children at the center during the day, with most coming from impoverished or troubled homes, and three of them are orphans who live at Holland House full time. The children’s ages range from 18 months to 6 years.  Volunteers are welcome to come assist the Thai staff with the children. A volunteer’s time is spent reading to the children, helping with writing skills, and playing amongst the children.

The day starts off with some basic school work.  The older children are taught the Thai alphabet, as well as the English one, and they also practice counting to ten in both languages.  When the children have completed their daily schoolwork, they get together outside for some cool drinks and cookies. There are only 3 women on staff at the Child-Watch Center, so the volunteers are a great help to keep everyone in check.

The "moms" at the center are very creative with new games ever day

The “moms” at the center are very creative with inventing new games ever day

The Thai “Mom” stamps the Thai alphabet on pieces of paper so the kids can trace the letters – they do not have enough books for everyone

Writing Homework



Tracing the letters of the Thai alphabet

It is hard to keep their attention on their work

Sweety Pie

Sweety Pie

Story time for those that are interested

Volunteer Brooke comforting one of the kids

Another volunteer from Denmark

Me and one of the little girls. They are all fascinated by the camera. Photo by: Lizane Louw

This little boy couldn’t stop taking pictures of Brooke with her camera

Before lunch, everyone has to wash their hands. It is quite something to see… everyone in their own little world

Lunch for the kids and the volunteers. A Thai stew with little bits of chicken

And some rice…like always

At around 13:00 – the kids finish up with lunch and they all get ready for a shower.

Each child gets a handful of soap. They must wash their little bodies, as well as their hair

The volunteers are ready with towels and powder

Tiny shoes

These two were having so much fun, running around naked, playing soccer, while the others were in the shower

The play area is turned into a massive “Christmas Bed” for everyone to take a nap

It takes a while to fall asleep, lots of legs are kicking, some kids are crying, others can’t get comfortable…

By 2 o’clock they are all fast asleep, and it is time for the volunteers to quietly say good bye.  I try to visit the Child-Watch Center once a week.  These children light up your heart and it is impossible not to fall deeply in love with each one of them!! I speak a little bit of Thai, but it is still really hard to communicate with the children through language, but our smiles, laughter and love transcend our communication problems.

The Operations Budget come from donation boxes in various locations in town.  The government and private sectors donate money.  Child-Watch Phuket also organize the Pitak Dek Mini Marathon, which is a yearly fund-raising event.  With all these projects in-hand, Child-Watch Phuket needs more financial support and they would appreciate your kind contribute.

If you wish to donate something to this Organization, you can do so by:

  • General Donation Account

    Account Name: Child-Watch Phuket // Account No.: 102-2-55548-7
    Bank Name: KASIKORN BANK // Bank Branch: Main Branch Phuket
    S.W.I.F.T. Code: KASITHBK

  • ALPS-CHILDWATCH Fundraising

    Account Name: ALPS-CHILDWATCH // Account No.: 8190174339
    Bank Name: Krung Thai Bank // Bank Branch: Rassada Road
    S.W.I.F.T. Code: KRTHTHBK

    – and send a copy of transfer to the office or inform them by phone of your donation.

Child-Watch Phuket Association

Rubber Technology Building, Prince of Songkla University, Kathu, Phuket, 83120

Telephone / Fax: 076-276396

Mobile: 081-719-5690



Please visit Holland House’s website at: if you want to volunteer or find out more about them.

For more pictures of these little ones at Child-Watch, please visit my photo gallery on my website HERE.