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Lourika Reinders Photography

Lourika Reinders Photography

“You kids go walk through the river and see how deep it is.  The only way to get to camp is for us to cross this river with the vehicles”, my dad told my brother and I on one of our family safari trips in Botswana.  “Take the camera so you can take action shots of the Land Rover”, he added before we jumped out of the car.

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That is how my love for photography started.  I was rarely seen in family snapshots, as I was always the one behind the camera.  I loved it, though.  I’d make my mom take some pictures of me sometimes,  while I pretend to chop up some veggies for dinner, or stare into the sunset over the Zambezi river, etc.

I fell deeply in love with the way I was able to freeze a moment in time, by simple composing a shot and press the shutter button.  I would always take THOUSANDS of images one one single safari trip with my family.

When I told my parents that I wish to study photography after school, my dad said that it was only a hobby not a career.  Born and raised in Namibia, we didn’t have a clue how big photography already was and how much bigger it would become. Four years later, after completing my studies in the Hospitality Industry, I rediscovered my passion when I moved to Thailand.

In 2011, I only owned a small point-and-shoot camera..  But after moving to Phuket, my camera bag filled up so quick, I had to buy bigger bags on two separate occasions.

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I started off with a a kit set. The Nikon D5100 was my first ever DSLR camera body and it was a great introduction to the big scary world of photography gear. The kit also included a 18-55mm lens and a 55-300mm lens.  My newest addition to the family is the Nikon D7100… what an amazing camera!!  I now have a 50mm fixed lens, a 18-105mm kit lens, as well as macro extension tubes, consisting of a 12mm, 20mm and a 36mm.

I created a website for my travel/documentary photography called Lourika Reinders Photography. As well as a site for my commercial work, and wedding photography, called Lourika Reinders Wedding Photography, I’d love for you to check out my work. I also have a Facebook page:  Lourika Reinders Photography.

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In August 2013, I flew to Namibia to visit my family for my birthday.  While sitting on Phuket Airport, I received an email from the Namibian Tourism Board, asking me to be their official trip photographer for their #GoBigNamibia Campaign (read the full story on my website here).  4 Bloggers from all over the world were brought in to help make some noise about Namibia’s adventure activities by spreading the word through Social Media.

I had an amazing time on the trip! I was thrown into the deep side, where I had to shoot and edit every day, in order to produce 10 images per day to be used in the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB)’s blog.  At that time I only had one camera body, with the two kit lenses (18-55mm and 55-300mm) and I had to change lenses all the time, my camera was filled with dust each day, and climbing the big dunes near Swakopmund was the worse, the sand got into every little part of my camera.  Still, it was the best experience and the best opportunity I could have ever asked for.

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I made great friends and wonderful connections.  As for now… I will be concentrating on my new blog. I will also be shooting stock photos for an extra income, as well as commercial photography like weddings, couple shoots, and event photography, etc. – just for a more steady income.  In between that I am hoping to work again with the Namibian Tourism Board and do as much freelance work as I could possibly get.

Work is slowly coming in and I am so excited to see where I can take my career as a professional photographer and blogger.
Please share links to your travel blogs with me so I can also follow your adventures across the globe.

Thank you to all those people who have supported me thus far. I am extremely happy with my career choice and I can not imagine doing anything other than taking pictures for a living!!

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