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The Lucie Editions – Lucie Foundation


Courtesy of the Lucie Foundation

The Lucie Foundation announced the launch of Lucie Editions – limited edition, signed posters by master photographers recognized at The Lucie Awards. These Lucie Honorees represent some of the most important photographers of the 21st century.  This program was created with the intention to make iconic photographs by the Lucie Honoree photographers more accessible to aspiring photographers and photo enthusiasts around the world.

Available online through the Lucie Store, each 18 x 24 inch iconic poster is available for purchase at $25.00 (unsigned in an edition of 450) or $50.00 (signed in an edition of 50).


My personal favorite

My personal favorite – Courtesy of the Lucie Foundation

Your purchase will help support the programs of the Lucie Foundation.

The Lucie Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization responsible for presenting The Lucie Awards, the annual gala ceremony celebrating masters photographers and the year’s best in photography, in addition to year-round programming that champions photography and photographers.

October marks the seventh year since the formation of the Lucie Foundation, and the 14th year of The Lucie Awards, the ceremony held annually at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The Lucie Editions were created to continue to honor the photographers feted at the ceremony each year, and will continue to grow each year with new Lucie Honorees.

Courtesy of the Lucie Foundation

To view the Lucie Editions collection, please visit http://www.lucies.org/store/
My favorite editions, and the ones I’d love to buy myself are:

Which editions would you like to own????

All images courtesy of the Lucie Foundation. Used with permission