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6 Smart Hacks To Maximize Your Road Trip


Planning a road trip before hitting the road will save you from a lot of trouble and enable you to cherish each moment of it. Road trips usually mean that you have to travel with family for a long period of time so in order to make it enjoyable and experience family bonding time you must get the hang of some smart hacks that could maximize your road trip. If you are traveling for the first time, then you must not know what the requirements of the road trip are and how you can safely reach your destination. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as this article will enlighten you with six smart travel hacks that would make your trip an enjoyable memory you can cherish forever.

1. Get your car road trip ready

Getting your car serviced before a road trip will save you from facing any breakdown. Car maintenance is of vital importance if you are heading for a long road trip because getting stuck in the middle of the road with no help available can ruin your road trip and make it a nightmare. Check the oil, tire pressure and ensure that the battery, engine, and brakes are working properly. Also, check the under seat subwoofers if they are properly installed and are in working condition so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite music while driving to your destination.

2.Bring a super comfy pillow with you

Trust me you will thank me for this travel hack. Long trips usually make you want to take small naps. But sleeping can be extremely uncomfortable when your head keeps flopping over, and you can bump your head on the window with a small jolt of the car. With a soft pillow, you can comfortably rest your head without straining your muscles and enjoy a power nap.

3. Make your own car GPS holder

To stay on the right track, you need your GPS system to provide you with the navigation service. Instead of wasting money on buying a holder you can create one of your own by the simple use of binder clips and a rubber band. This self-made holder will keep your phone hooked up, and you can conveniently use google map service to check if you are on the right track or not.

4. Bring a travel size refrigerator

Bringing a travel size refrigerator will enable you to fill it up with home food and high energy snacks. This would save your money from buying fast food from overly expensive restaurants. Plus it will keep your drinks chilled, and you can enjoy them anytime you want. Who knows, you might find a beautiful picnic spot on your way, where you can enjoy a small picnic with home food and chilled drinks available. This little treat would energize you, and you can continue with the trip with a more refreshed body and mind.

5. GasBuddy App or Gas cards

GasBuddy App or gas cards help you to avail the facility of buying cheapest fuel. The GasBuddy App allows you to find the nearest fuel station that offers fuel at a cheaper rate. Moreover, the regular use of this app earns you points, and you can get a 100$ gas card for free. This would save your traveling cost by a big ratio.

6. Multi-Port USB car charger

To keep everyone’s phones charged up, you need to bring a multi-port car charger. Long road trips eat your battery when you are using GPS, camera and playing different games on it, therefore, having a multi-port charger will secure the mobile charging of each traveler. Moreover, if you are traveling with kids, then you can keep them engaged in games. Secondly, being parents, you can have quality time without thinking that your children are getting bored.

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