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Things You Must Definitely Try in New Jersey

New Jersey is known to be a travelers’ paradise and here are
few things that you should never miss out while visiting this garden state of New York

7 Things You Must Do while Visiting New Jersey

When visiting the wonderland of New York, one can’t skip the blisses of New Jersey. The fourth smallest state within the New York metropolitan area offers dozens of fun attractions suitable for the whole family.

The city with a population of 247,000 people was the third state to enter the Union. Known as the Garden State, New Jersey is bustling with fabulous beaches, culture, and history. Visitors can relax near the ocean, learn about history and art in many cultural centers and museums, and indulge in casinos and shopping.

The best period to come to New Jersey is at the beginning or the end of the summer, as the city traffic can be heavy with a lot of tourists during the high season. So pack your bags and explore the city of endless entertainment.

Take a Selfie at the Boardwalk

Stroll around the Boardwalk and try your luck at the Atlantic City. An American icon, the world-famous Boardwalk has breathtaking ocean views with plenty of available activities like kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, and surfing. Tourists can rent a bike and eat salt water taffy while taking a break from shopping.

The Ocean City Boardwalk has the most well-equipped shopping district. It features incredible dining by the seaside, novelty shops, interesting galleries and artistic souvenirs. Also, it is a place of the legendary Entrance to the Stars, with handprints of celebrities. So, take a selfie with your favorite celebrity and memorize it by using photo editing services to add that special touch, and always treasure the experience.

Choose a Perfect Beach

Although the Boardwalk counts as one of the best, New Jersey has plenty more for visitors to discover. From family to party options, select the right choice for summer fun.

  • Long Beach Island – Beach Haven bustles with numerous opportunities to take pleasure in. Fantasy Island is a heaven for kids, while golfers can take a swing at the mini-golf across the street in Thundering Surf Waterpark. Also, for a bit of education, one can visit one of the 37 best museums New Jersey has to offer. Museum of New Jersey Maritime History has two floors and underwater artifacts. However, on the bay side of Long Beach Island, calmer waters await to be discovered.
  • Point Pleasant Beach – High entertainment with a first-class aquarium, amusement rides, seaside feasting, and wide beaches.
  • Spring Lake – For a more luxurious experience with Victorian homes and their perfect lawns, tourists go here to jog and drink bloody Mary at the Spring Lake.
  • Belmar – Live festive scene across Ocean Avenue is a party hotspot.
  • Gunnison Beach – Adventurous and free spirits can stretch around the nude beach with the best views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Asbury Park – Gay-friendly beach with a bit of everything to offer.

Eat at Hoboken

Apart from various beaches, visitors come to New Jersey to see the brownstone buildings and delicious cuisine. Located across the Hudson River is Hoboken, a place of exquisite ethnic food. From Indian, Mexican to Italian, one can experience the memorable joy of deliciousness.

Take a class or a cake at the Carlo’s Bakery, whose show runs on TLC or see a Manhattan skyline from the Blue Eyes Restaurant, or head on to Hoboken Farmers’ Market, which offers a wide assortment of fresh products. 

On the other hand, the Hoboken Historical Museum houses modern and historical exhibitions that are definitely worth taking a look at. Also, the museum offers tours, lectures, films, plays, and educational programs about the city’s history and its inhabitants.

Visit the Park of Thomas Edison

When exploring the city, one has to visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The park of the state’s local inventor is his well-preserved former home and laboratory. Guests can watch the vintage movies, see Thomas’s work in the laboratory and get a tour of Glenmont – Edison’s majestic home. The Queen-Anne style mansion has 29 rooms in perfect condition.

Art Lovers – Get Excited

A 42-acre museum and sculpture park, Grounds for Sculpture is located in the Hamilton town. Some of the best, unique, popular exhibitions and sculptures create a magical place of art and nature. The landscape is full of exotic trees and flowers with monuments by recognized artists like George Segal, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Clement Meadmore, Anthony Caro, and many more.

Must See Landmark Attractions

New Jersey is one big landmark cultural community. A gorgeous landmark green oasis in the heart of northern Jersey is the Liberty State Park. It is the most dramatic park with a view of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Tourists can take a boat ride down the Hudson River, have lunch in the picnic area, explore nature and take their kids to play in the playground. Also, the park features the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal (CRRNJ) and Liberty Walk, a two-mile long promenade.

Go on an Adventure

The largest theme park is located in Jackson, New Jersey. Six Flags Great Adventure offers a 150 feet Ferris wheel ride and 22 mph roller coaster rounds. People take the opportunity to touch the skies by jumping with a parachute at the training center or take a break at the Safari Road Adventure and check out 1,200 wild animals. There is also a Harry Houdini tour for magicians and a cable ride over the park.

If you are considering an affordable and exciting journey, be sure to visit New Jersey. Numerous attractions keep the tourists busy and amused. However, one can always relax and enjoy a quiet day at the beach or go to the best museums in the country to get to know the historical roots of this fascinating city.

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