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Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art takes your favorite cities, mountains, and places and turns them into beautiful works of art. If you’re looking for the perfect way to remember that trip to Europe, honeymoon, place you got engaged, your alma mater, hometown, or anything else, our maps are a great way to display that nostalgia in your home. They make great gifts, too!

Country Map Prints Are Beautiful Gifts

There are many countries all around the world with their own unique cultures, histories and natural wonders. We at Modern Map Art are proud to honor many of these countries with some amazing country map prints.

We designed our country map prints with the utmost sense of detail in mind. Each of our prints is made with a black and white tone with a white background. Each print features the outline of a country and then a series of small lines all around. The lines represent the many streets that carry people around these countries.

An Attention To Detail

When you look closely at each map print, you will see that many of the most important metropolitan areas of these countries are highlighted. When you see the China print, you will notice the detailed streets around Beijing and Shanghai. Think of one of these prints as though it were a beautiful image of how active one of these countries truly is and how many parts of a country are linked together.

Some prints also highlight the many islands of various countries. For instance, our Indonesia print highlights many of the thousands of islands that make up this beautiful country.

Various bodies of water can also be seen in our prints. The Brazil print, for example, features a clear view of the Amazon River on its northern end. The river’s flow and immense size can be easily seen.

Makes a Great Gift

Our wall art prints make for great gifts for all sorts of people in your life. If you know of someone from one of these countries then you should consider getting one of these prints for them. All our prints can bring back memories of these amazing countries.

You can also order a print for anyone who has taken a vacation in one of these countries or someone who does business there regularly. These prints bring out positive feelings in anyone who has visited one of these great places.

You can always get one of these prints for yourself as a souvenir of any place that you have visited. You could also order a print to honor your person family heritage and lineage.

Easy To Display

The black and white appearance of each of our country map prints makes this easy to display in a number of settings. It blends in well with a white wall or can create a nice contrasting appearance on a darker wall. The basic black and white colors do mix in well with other decorations. Its plain white background also allows you to frame it with a wooden, plastic or metal border in practically any color you wish to use. It is also available in a variety of sizes to fit onto a wall or even a desk depending on how large or small it may be.

Our country map prints are simple in their appearance and yet detailed in their design. Each print is guaranteed to bring about great feelings and memories of a particular country. Browse our selection today to find a print for the country of your interest.



We’ve got a selection of great city prints from all over the world!  If you’re looking for some beautiful city map art, check out our selection of over 500 cities below.

Whether you’re buying or renting, having beautiful walls is the desire of every home owner.  No one wants to have plain and boring walls, and the amount of combinations of design elements can have one’s head spinning.  We here at ModernMapArt understand this dilemma too well…and we’d like to help you put together some nostalgic pieces of art that will really bring your home décor to the next level.  We’re all about art that are more than just design pieces – they’re conversation pieces!

City Prints – Benefits, Buying Tips


Things You Should Know About Our Modern Ski Art

Behind every trail on the mountain, there’s a nostalgic story.  It’s probably everyone’s dream to travel across the world. During our visits to these wonderful places, we make memories that stick into our minds. It is here, at Modern Map Art, where we seek to have our ski art connect you with that memorable ski trip you had some years ago.  We’re here to evoke those memories where you sat with family and friends around a fire at the base of a towering ski mountain. Or that time that you took on that double black diamond – and won.  It’s time that you showcase your all-time favorite ski mountain by hanging one of our quality modern art ski maps on your wall. The maps you see above are as a result of a modern high-tech printing process that produces high-quality maps that can last for the next couple of centuries.

Here are some ideas on where you can apply our ski maps in your home;

Walls – It’s time to fill that bare wall with our affordable resort and ski art that will certainly adorn your home with an amiable graphic statement. The antique maps we design can fit anywhere in your home from the kids’ room to the basement.

Décor for Kids’ Room – For your kids’ room, add their favorite ski map mural so that your kids can daydream about going back to that ski mountain – no matter the season.

Office – Want some motivation at the office? Put one of our modern ski maps in there to help motivate you to reach your goal of going back to your favorite mountain.  It also makes a great conversation piece to anyone that enters.

Living Room – The beauty of embellishing your walls with modern art maps is something you can do it yourself. You can hang the maps in your living room arranging them based on when you skied them. Start with the mountain you learned to ski on, and follow that with the second trail map and so on. This will be a nice piece of nostalgia that you can build into your living room.

Our ski maps come with unlimited styles giving you a wide room to choose the best of the best. Ski trail maps show us the beautiful places we have been and let us dream of the lovely vacations coming in the future. Fill that empty space on your wall with a map that maps out your once-in-a-lifetime vacation in one of the world’s famous ski travel destinations.

We print our maps on archival matte paper. Here, we have about 100 map posters from mountains all over the world. So regardless of where you had your best vacation, whether Europe or North America, we’ve a ski art map for you.

Our resort maps are museum-quality posters printed on thick, durable, rustic paper. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper and they are just what you’ve been searching for.
They are designed and crafted based on the trail maps of each mountain.
The maps act as artistic pieces that connects you with the beautiful times you had in one of the Ski Mountains.

How to Select the Right Map Phone Case for Your iPhone

Cases for iPhone 6 won’t fit iPhone 7 phones, so you’ll have to choose the case that matches your smartphone. Select the map of a city, country or even the continent you like and make an order. We can customize any map to suit your interests.

 Makes a Great Gift

Having a tough time finding the perfect gift for the person that has everything?  Get them a map phone case from one of their favorite cities!  It can be their hometown, the place they fell in love, the place they got married, their favorite vacation destination, and so much more!  They’ll love having that nostalgia in their pocket and seeing their favorite city every time they pull their phone out of their pocket.

Map phone cases present a newer way of showcasing your inner self. They are sentimental and makes you proud whenever you pull out your phone out of the pocket. Browse through the various cases above and choose the one that goes well with your aesthetics.

Map Pillow Ideas

If you’re having trouble finding the right type of pillow for your bedroom or living room, you’re not alone.  When looking for a designer throw pillow to try to tie together all of the other colors and design elements in the room, you can go crazy trying to find that perfect color or print to match everything else. A well placed pillow can add the extra warmth, texture and comfort needed for the perfect design in your living room or bedroom. The good/bad news is that there is a plethora of pillow types you could use for a number of applications at home, and map pillows is one of them – so we’re here to help!

With map pillows, you not only get high quality designed pillows for your home, but also you get awesome elements of décor, which you could use to enhance the décor of you living room. This is done by pairing the map pillows with other elements in the room so that they complement the beauty of the space or create a new focal point on your couch or bed.

Rectangular throw pillows– Rectangular throw pillows are ideal for the end of your bed by the headboard or even as a main pillow that you might use. They also work well for the center of couches as well as for larger chairs. These rectangular style pillows can take up more horizontal area so they look good for cities that have a lot of orientation east/west and showcase the look of various cities and streets with their unique art configurations.

Square throw pillows– square throw pillows are ideal for cities that
have more urban sprawl all over.
These throw pillows make the perfect accessory for smaller chairs, couches or for collecting on your bed. These type of pillow covers can be mixed and matched to create unique looks or used as a single throw pillow to add a dash of unique art to a couch or chair. Square throw pillows can include some of the same scenes and they match very well on all types of traditional furniture.


Custom Designs

Sure!  We can turn the maps into any color or style, just let us know what color and city you’re looking to have done and we can make it for you.

How do you make your prints?

We use OpenStreetMaps to create the map grid, and then use some styling to color in the streets, land, and water.  Once we pick a city, we try to put the downtown in the center, but are flexible depending on how the map grid/shoreline looks.  Then, we use the map and put it on a poster in photoshop, where we add the city name.  It’s a lot of fun staring at cities from all over the world!

What are they made from?

The posters are made from a museum quality matte paper, and Ultrachrome ink.  The ink is rated to last over 100 years, and 200 years if properly framed and maintained.  The matte paper is very thick and looks great.  After printing, the posters are then rolled in issue paper and put in a cardboard tube to protect them while shipping.  The pillows are made from polyester, and the phone cases from a protective plastic.

Generally, it’s 3-5 days from the time you place your order to get through printing, packing, and shipping.  Everything is made to order, so we appreciate your patience while we make a one of a kind print just for you.  Sometimes, during busier seasons, it can take up to 7 days to process orders.


Jennifer Beck found Modern Map Art in 2016 after she returned from her honeymoon where she was lucky enough to travel all over the world. She returned with an appreciation for the different cities she was in (Seoul, Sydney, etc.) and she wanted to take what she has learned about the culture and colors and turn that into something special. Since she was very young, Jennifer was passionate about maps (atlases, vintage maps, street maps), anything she could get her hands on. She loved seeing how the urban sprawl had developed over time, and how when you look from above the lines look like an organized chaos over the city which tells it’s own story. She started using city grids and imagery to put together with colors that represented that city to create posters and art that would look good in anyone’s home or office. Modern Map Art started with cities they were familiar with, in the US and they’re going to expand to cities all over the world. Their designs are elegant and modern, with a touch of nostalgia for anyone that has a connection to the city.

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