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Why Everyone Must Experience the Sunshine State Once in Their Life

A small guide on Florida’s attractions for tourists and first-time visitors

Florida Travel: Things First Time Visitors Should Know About

How much do you know about Florida? If the answer is “little” or “not much” then you are in for a treat. The land was first discovered by Spanish explorers searching for the legendary “Fountain of Youth”, but soon after it became known as the famous Florida we all dream of visiting one day.

Although the area was governed by Spain at first, the United States jumped in and bought it off in 1819. Since Florida proudly wears the Sunshine state nickname today, it is safe to say that Ponce de León successfully fulfilled his life’s mission.

Situated east of the Mississippi river, bordering Alabama and Georgia, the good times never end with Florida’s dedicated culture. While the main focus remains on the manufacturing of essential goods such as electronics, equipment, food, machinery, and so on, agriculture and tourism remain the most profitable points of the Sunshine State’s economy.     

But why do visitors never stop coming to this magical place? Well, simply because it has a lot to offer. From a rich history, stunning beaches, and everlasting amusement, to the most amazing sites, Florida gives the gift of delight, relaxation, and the best vacation ever! 

Top Places to Visit in Florida

Once there, visitors can experience an enthusiastic rush and get lost in numerous options. Some might even stay here wondering where to go and what to do next when their traveler’s list is forever bursting with many appealing choices. Edit your travel Photography.

To ease your suffering, here are a few of the most popular tourist destinations to help you decide:

  • Miami Beach – “Welcome to Miami, here’s your cocktail” is what we all imagine we’ll hear once we’re on the sunny Miami ground. But if something like that happens to you, take a sip and enjoy the tranquil Key Biscayne, take a stroll down the Renaissance-style villa or go wild in a 1930’s salsa hotspot. 
  • St. Augustine – The place where all of this came from, St. Augustine is the historical place previously occupied by the Spanish. Apart from the abundance of ancient treasures, this destination offers a variety of glorious beaches, delicious cuisine, and scary adventures.
  • Palm Beach – It sounds funny questioning what to do in Palm Beach, when all of the major happenings are mainly concentrated here. Do you want a lovely family vacation? Or maybe a single outdoor escapade?

You got it, and to top it off, Palm Beach offers natural preserve outdoor activities, socializing with animal wildlife, and a moonlight watch over the Atlantic in luxurious Boca Raton. What is more, the great times don’t end here, as the lovers of art can take a selfie in one of many museums or while taking a walk in the beautiful Japanese gardens. Say cheese!

  • Orlando – When talking about popularity, Orlando takes the first place as miss congeniality! Going there means going to the world’s most popular tourist destination and perhaps that has something to do with the Walt Disney World. Although the shopping there is equally great, along with sports, culture, restaurants, and nightlife. Regarding the nighttime entertainment, Orlando is known to heat up after the sun goes down.     
  • Key West – This U.S. island city is located on a long chain of islands stretching toward Cuba and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From Bahama Village and lavish beach resorts, all the way to Hemingway’s home, Key West is a first class trip.   
  • Daytona Beach – At the end, if you really feel like taking a deep breath and escaping the daily stress, come to Daytona Beach and feast locally in the perfect spot for rejuvenating the spirit, body, and mind.

To conclude, Florida is a great place for any stage of life. The countless adventures lurk around the corner, still, one can truly escape and regain a piece of mind. This wonderful land of the positive atmosphere promises to leave you with immortalized memories and a desire to move a bit closer.

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