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Kissing Cousins Tattoo Parlour

Kissing Cousins Tattoo Parlour is located in the heart of Windhoek, dedicated to unique, personalized tattoos that tell your story. Kelly Macnab is originally from Johannesburg, who has been tattooing for a couple of years now!! She is extremely artistic, and a very lovely young lady that makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable!! Her tattoo parlour is super funky, and it’s a real cool place to hang out, while your friends are getting their tats!!

My husband, my brother, myself, and some of our friends, have all been inked by Kelly, and we are so so so happy with our new art pieces 🙂 She knows what she’s doing 🙂

Contact her to make an appointment, or to discuss your tattoo ideas. She’ll draw up something for you in no time!!!

t: 081 329 7216



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